Hungry Shark Arena

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Explanation for "Hungry Shark Arena"

Hungry Shark Arena game is an online underwater shark battle game. To stay in the arena, you have to eat smaller fish and rival sharks. You will grow and change as you eat fish. You must survive without being eaten by your bigger rivals. At the same time, you should stay away from underwater dangers. In this fierce underwater survival battle, the last shark wins the game.

"Hungry Shark Arena" How to Play

Drag to steer, Click for Speed boost!

The game starts with 20 sharks being released into the sea by helicopter. Find and eat the small fish before them and get bigger. As you grow, you can eat bigger fish, your rivals, people swimming in the sea, divers and birds you can catch by jumping.

Press the left button of your mouse or click on mobile devices to attack and eat your smaller opponent and other baits.

You will collect gold according to your success in the game. You can unlock more wild fish with your gold.

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