Imperia Online

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Explanation for "Imperia Online"

Imperia Online game is an MMO game with Turkish support. Build your kingdom from scratch, build buildings, build your army, make alliances, conquer new lands. But that's not all. When you play Imperia Online, you will experience a strategic simulation with completely realistic game dynamics that provides the experience of being an emperor.

"Imperia Online" How to Play

It will guide you on what to do when you register and log in to the game. You can level up by completing the given tasks.

We recommend that you set it as it has Turkish support. You can reduce the area by clicking the GD logo in the menu on the left.

Your goal is to build and expand your kingdom. To achieve this, you must have a good strategy and the best army! Build buildings that will allow you to cost-effectively produce iron, wood, and stone. Lead the public to production. Build universities to learn more about military tactics. Collect taxes to expand your kingdom. But don't miss the tip! If an emperor does not please his people, they revolt. Therefore, consider the happiness levels of your cities.

Prepare for battle by training archers and soldiers. You can find someone to form an alliance with, or you can fight alone. Build a family of royal commanders and governors you can trust to control and expand your domains. Participate in high-stakes competitions where you can test your strategy skills in battle and conquer potentially desired territories.

Building construction, research development, army training and Empire growth all give the player the net score. The more clear points you have, the stronger you will be.

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