Imposters 99

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Explanation for "Imposters 99"

With the Imposters 99 game, you fight alone against your clones on the enemy spaceship. The space you can escape from in the spaceship is limited. You have to use your weapon and area wisely against enemy attacks. If you like the challenge, play for a spaceship design that gets different and more difficult with each level and to fight against the horde of enemies!

"Imposters 99" How to Play

In order to fight with your clones clustered in the spaceship, they must come within the range of your weapon. Keep your distance to keep hitting them while avoiding their attacks. Make good use of the limited spaceship space to kill the swarms of clones rushing towards you and don't let them corner you.

The bar above shows the percentage of clones killed and must be populated for the escape portal to appear. Get all the keys hidden on board as you unlock gift crates later between levels. Collect gold and unlock new skins for your character. Get reinforcements and new weapons and try everything to try! Because as you progress through the level, your enemies will be armed and giant, and spaceships will no longer be safe areas as they used to be. Especially the saws and stakes trapped in the ground will be active when you approach.

Play Imposters 99 and keep your fighting spirit active!

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