Jewelish Blitz

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Explanation for "Jewelish Blitz"

The stunning successor to the original HTML5 game classic Jewelish. Bigger, better, faster and much more beautiful. But how to play this great puzzle game and become a Jewel Star?

1. Slide the jewels together so that at least three matches

2. Repeat as quickly as possible!

3. You have 60 seconds. No pressure.

Jewelish Blitz, about 60 thrilling seconds of exploding jewels and beating the high score. Change gems to match 3 or more with a single swipe of your finger. The more similar gems you connect at the same time, the better. Because this will earn you more points and you will get a special gem with a certain ability. Which will earn you more points!

What talents are you asking? Have a look at this:

Destroy 3 jewels:
You only get points, nothing else. Let's be honest: This is not difficult at all. A blindfold monkey can do this.

Destroy 4 jewels in the same line:
We're talking now! the fun starts here. If you destroy 4 jewels in line, you will receive a special bomb gem that directly erases all adjacent gems.

There are no 5 gems in line:
Pro-level is right here! You will get a universal super awesome mega gem. If you slide this stone into another one, all jewels of that color will explode. BAAM! Just like that.

Destroy L-shape or T-shape:
If you manage to destroy the jewels formed in an "L" or "T" shape consisting of five jewels in total, the resulting empowerment is an electro jewel that will cross all jewels. Very helpful.

If you want to score big, you have to master these techniques. Jewelish Blitz only demands two things from you: a trained eye and a very fast swipe finger. But be aware: Once you get started you will become a true Jewel freak!

"Jewelish Blitz" How to Play

In this sequel to the popular Match 3 classic Jewelish, it's all about your matching skills! Swap adjacent jewels and remove them from the field to make rows of at least 3 identically colored jewels. To get a speed bonus, be as fast as you can and constantly increase the multiplier! Larger combinations will give you special gems and additional bonus points. Jewelish Blitz offers stunning graphics and lots of jewel action! Can you get a high score before time runs out?

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