Kawaii Chibi Creator

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Explanation for "Kawaii Chibi Creator"

Not only anime or manga fans will love this avatar creator game! Kawaii means cute in Japanese and Chibi basically means little and that's what you get: a dress up game with little characters and a whole load of cuteness.

The only limit is your creativity as there are millions of possible styles and combinations. Choose from different categories like hairstyles, various outfits, body styles, accessories and backgrounds and design your favorite male or female Chibi. The color palette gives you the option to further customize your little creature and color the hair and other items with two different colors.

Going for a more realistic look or putting together cute fantasy heroes - it's all about your choice and imagination. If you're not yet feeling your inner designer and need some inspiration, hit the randomizer button and marvel at the weird and wonderful combinations the game has produced for you!

"Kawaii Chibi Creator" How to Play

Create your own Chibi character in this kawaii avatar game! There is a great variety of items and colors in the various categories: go for male or female Chibis for a more realistic look or design a cute fancy outfit - it's all about your creativity. Customize the hairstyle, clothes, body, accessories or background and impress your friends with your styling skills. Click on the randomizer for inspiration and hours of fun with this cute dress up game!

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