Little Farm Clicker

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Explanation for "Little Farm Clicker"

Play Little Farm Clicker game and you can earn money by buying lands, growing grains such as wheat, corn, pumpkin, fruits, vegetables and feeding animals such as chickens and cows, and you can use the money you earn to expand your farm.

You can think of it as a tycoon game rather than a big farm game.

"Little Farm Clicker" How to Play

Start growing wheat by purchasing your first plot of land and grow your farm by buying new plots as you earn money. Click on or cross out all plots to collect each harvest.

You can earn more by improving your land with purchases from the market and automate harvesting.

Complete missions and earn coins and diamonds by making your bet by making bets with other farmers.

Buy all the plots and follow the suggested actions in the game to increase the yield.

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