Ludo Fever

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Explanation for "Ludo Fever"

Ludo, whose Turkish name is " Ludo ", is here with its modern game version in Ludo Fever . Your goal is to collect all four of your coins in the middle area by making a full circle on the playing field. Keep your chances high in the game where progress can be made as much as the number on the dice. Capture your opponents and throw them off the playing field. Win the game by moving all your coins to the middle area.

"Ludo Fever" How to Play

The main aim of the game is to collect all 4 coins in the middle of the game before the other opponents.

Beginning; The only way to get your coins in the starting area onto the playing field is to roll six dice.
Order of rolling the dice; At the start of the game, dice are rolled clockwise respectively. He takes one of the six tokens to the field of play and shoots again. Every time you roll a six, you'll have a second shot when you knock out your opponent's coin and land a coin in the middle of the playing field.
Protected areas: Every player's starting point is a safe area for every player. In this area, your opponents cannot exclude your coin from the game.
Dismissing your opponent's coin: if you pause in your opponent's area, except for the protected areas, you will send your opponent's coin back to the starting area.

Show your luck and the power of your mind to make the right moves by playing Ludo Fever game.
If you like fun and competitive games, Ludo Fever game is for you.

As you can play alone, you can get together with your friends or family members to play Ludo Fever .

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