Magic Pom

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Explanation for "Magic Pom"

Magic Pom, game is cute animal heads puzzle game. Combine at least three identical cheerleaders. Combine five or more identical cheerleader heads to get popping bubbles. How many of them can you combine in the limited time?

"Magic Pom" How to Play

Tie the pom-pom animal heads together to remove them from the playground. Hurry to reach your goal to reach the next level because you have limited time.

If you can't find any pompoms to tie, turn on the agitator propeller. So you can create new connections by mixing the pompoms.

By combining five or more pom-pom quince heads, you get a popping balloon. When you pop the balloons, you destroy the puffs around them. You can also use it to open frozen puffs.

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