Microsoft Jigsaw

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Explanation for "Microsoft Jigsaw"

Microsoft Puzzle Puzzle, which has many features that make it easy and fun to play puzzle, has hundreds of pictures categorized. You can play according to the difficulty level with 24, 54, and 96 track options.

"Microsoft Jigsaw" How to Play

Choose from hundreds of categorized images. Click on easy (24 piece puzzle), Medium difficulty (54 piece puzzle) and difficult (96 piece puzzle). You will come across puzzle pieces mixed together. Drag the pieces to join them and perform the join by aligning the junction points.

There are some additional features in the top menu. You can shrink and enlarge the playing field. You can see the whole picture and also redraw the puzzle pieces. You can navigate the game area by dragging with your mouse. If you want the playing field to remain stable, the lock button will help you.

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