Microsoft Sudoku

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Explanation for "Microsoft Sudoku"

Microsoft Sudoku has a beautiful game design that you will not have difficulty playing sudoku online. It is designed for you to write the numbers in the relevant field and leave notes in the blank fields. There are two different styles of the game as classic sudoku and irregular sudoku. At the same time, it appeals to all age groups with its easy, medium, hard and expert difficulty levels.

"Microsoft Sudoku" How to Play

To play Microsoft Sudoku , select your classic sudoku and irregular sudoku preference and the difficulty level you want, and then Microsoft Sudoku will create a game for you. You may need to wait for a while. The numbers you need to place will appear along with the amount of pieces.

Each of the 4x4 areas and the numbers on the horizontal and vertical can contain only 1 digit from 1 to 9. When placing numbers, you must make sure that you are not breaking this rule and that the numbers do not overlap.

You can delete numbers you placed incorrectly or use the undo feature. You can leave notes in the blank fields. Another feature of the game is that you have 3 hints in each game.

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