Minecraft Classic


Description of "Minecraft Classic":

Minecraft Classic is a free online multiplayer game where you can build and play your own world. Minecraft Classic includes 32 blocks to create and allows you to create whatever you want in creative mode, or up to 8 friends can be invited to join you on your server for multiplayer fun. Minecraft Classic for the web is the original version of Mojang and not many features in later versions; however, this version continues to be fun to play in your browser. The game is not compatible with mobile devices, it is controlled by keyboard and mouse. For this reason, you should choose to play from your computer.

How to play "Minecraft Classic" game:

Move keys: WASD - Move Jump: Spacebar - Jump Show building blocks: Place / Remove B Blocks: LMB Replace insert / remove blocks: RMB Remove People: G Chat: T Turn fog on / off: F Install position: A


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