Mystery Venue Hidden Object

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Explanation for "Mystery Venue Hidden Object"

Mystery Venue Hidden Object game is the story of explorers who explore in a deserted, dark and mysterious town. Become an explorer and find lost objects in different parts of this mysterious town. Do you have enough eyesight to find lost objects among quite a few objects? If you trust your eyesight, this game is for you.

"Mystery Venue Hidden Object" How to Play

When you play Mystery Venue Hidden Object, you will see three objects on the left that all explorers are looking for. You need to find the objects among the objects placed on the image and click them. Make good use of the time to find all the objects.

As you level up, you will be given more challenging missions. For example, you will be asked to recognize and find the shadow of the object sought. You can zoom in on the photo to find especially small objects. If you have difficulty in finding the object, you can get help by pressing the "Hint" button.

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