Ninja Rabbit

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Explanation for "Ninja Rabbit"

Under the fluffy look of Ninja Rabbit lies a superhero. Now their friends have been kidnapped and are kept in a cage in the underground cavern. Play Ninja Rabbit game and see what a cute bunny can do. It's time for the bunny to showcase his talents.

"Ninja Rabbit" How to Play

To jump, you must click with the mouse where the rope will stab. You should be careful not to choose remote points; because the rope length may be insufficient.

Move through the platform and don't forget to collect the carrots and diamonds that the bunny loves. Find the cages where their friends are locked up and rescue them. Keep moving forward until you come to the finish gate, but beware, there will also be traps. Make sure to save all your friends and collect diamonds and carrots before you reach the finish gate.

Collect diamonds to unlock new bunny images.

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