Om Nom Bounce

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Explanation for "Om Nom Bounce"

Om Nom Bounce game is the new adventure of our green friend. You have to help Om Nom , who is facing various spider enemies and bosses, to save his four kidnapped friends. Attack the enemies and do your best against forty waves of enemies in each game. Throw candy at enemy spiders of different characteristics to eliminate them. Rescue Om Nom 's friends by completing 40 challenging levels. Improve your skills throughout the game.

"Om Nom Bounce" How to Play

Click and hold the mouse button to aim, release to shoot. On mobile: tap and hold to aim. Release to fire.

Launch the candy bullets to touch as many enemies as possible. Collect from the playing field for more bullets. You should also use candy bullets to collect chests on the playground and save your friends in the cage.

Species of Spiders:
Spider : A basic spider that deals damage. You will encounter it from level 1.
Spray Painted Spider : Fires a paint bullet per wave. Each paint bullet reduces your health by 30 points. You will encounter it from level 3.
Queen Spider : A stronger spider type with more health. You will encounter it from level 6.
Wizard Spider : Summons a spider on the field every wave. You will encounter it from level 8.
Boss Spider : Mysterious spider experiment, extremely dangerous. You will encounter it from level 10.
Bee Spider: Occupies a random spot on the field each wave. You will encounter it from level 11.
Ghost Spider : Visible in one wave, invisible in the other wave. You will encounter it from level 14.
Knight Spider : Vulnerable from behind, strongest spider with breakable shield. You will encounter it from level 17.
Repair Spider : Heals the most injured enemy per wave. You will encounter it from level 21.

You will earn candies for each enemy you destroy. With the candies you earn, you can improve the damage-dealing effect and health for Om Nom from the skill tree.

In addition, additional features will begin to appear on the game screen in later levels.

Additional Features
Om Nom Leap : Om Nom rolls onto the field, dealing massive damage and healing (+50 health) upon returning.
x2 Damage : Om Nom's bullets deal double damage.
Shockwave : Om Nom leaps into the air, dealing a devastating blow, damaging the first 3 rows of enemies.

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