Om Nom Bubbles

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Explanation for "Om Nom Bubbles"

Help Om Nom in his new adventure. Om Nom likes to eat candy. Play candy blast game and be quick to collect all candies for Om Nom. We are sure that you will love this beautiful game, which is animated with power-ups.

"Om Nom Bubbles" How to Play

You must try to collect the highest score by detonating the most candies in one minute with your laser aiming cannon. You can buy it with the gold you collect by unlocking various power-ups that will allow you to gain time and make big explosions at different levels. In addition, if you hit ten in a row, you will have a lava ball that can explode all the candies in the area of effect.

The Om Nom game does not leave your achievements without rewards. Try to create big explosions.

Duration: +3 seconds will be added to the duration.
Rainbow Candy: Colors the candies in the shooting area the color of the candy that will be thrown after it.
Exploding Candy: Detonates all candies in the area where it is thrown.

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