One Escape

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Explanation for "One Escape"

One Escape game is a great puzzle game about escape from prison. Our game characters Duck, Gorilla and Pig have been caught in a bank robbery and they need someone to guide them to escape from prison. The game concept, which consists of 20 great escape episodes for each character and 60 in total, has a lot of potential for creative puzzles and challenging missions. Guards, cameras, deadly electric gates, invisibility hiding areas, poisonous gases are some of the puzzle pieces you need to solve to make your escape plan. Play One Escape and solve the puzzles in the exciting escape plan.

"One Escape" How to Play

Use "J" key to jump. Use the WD keys to move and apply the keys shown in the in-game instructions.

Solve the necessary puzzles to overcome the obstacles and progress in the game to escape the prison.

Duck has no abilities, Gorilla can climb walls and Pig can move wooden crates and punch guards.

One Escape also has stealth mechanics like hiding in vents or dark walls to avoid guards. Choosing when to make your move is one of the main puzzles you will encounter throughout the game as the guards patrol back and forth. One of the challenges you will encounter throughout the game is moving and fixed cameras. If you enter the camera's angle, the alarm will sound and the guards will be on the alert. In this case, what you need to do is to go into invisible areas and wait for the alarms to go off.

You will need to reach the places where the keys are in order to pass the cameras, electric doors, pull doors.

If you can't solve the correct puzzle, you'll have to try again; however, it's still a great option with pretty fun designed characters and 60 cleverly designed games.

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