Onet Connect Classic


Description of "Onet Connect Classic":

Onet is one of the link game classics. Similar to Match 3 games, the main goal is to connect two identical animals or fruits. At Onet, you draw a line between them. However, there are two important rules to follow: - There are no barriers between two similar tiles. - The line connecting the two tiles can only change direction twice. (Or less of course). Oh, and there is a time limit. You have five minutes to clear each level. This allows this animal and fruit attachment game to stand out from the crowds of countless other Match 3 or Connect 4 games. Similar to these games, your main goal is to clean the entire playground from all the tiles. As cute as it may seem, there may be some strategic thinking and coordination skills to solve the game. But don't be afraid, because if you get stuck, you will help. There are two icons on the top right of the screen. Magnifying glass and tangled button. Magnifier helps you choose the next possible connection option. However, the main joke of this game is the mixed function. What does this do? It does exactly what it says. It mixes the floors on the field so new connection options are offered. Honestly a real life saver!

How to play "Onet Connect Classic" game:

Try to earn as many points as possible in this cute Mahjong connect game! Choose your favorite theme, funny animals, yummy desserts or healthy meals and start playing! Your task is to find pairs and remove all tiles from the area before time runs out. The path between the two tiles cannot have three lines or two 90 degree angles. Play strategically because if it is not possible to move left to connect the two tiles, the board changes. If you don't mix or run out of time, the game is over! How many levels can you beat?


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