Peet Around

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Explanation for "Peet Around"

Peet Around is a fun game where you have to play and warn the character who is hurrying to the toilet to help him when he comes over the colored areas while running in a circular area.

Peet wants to go to the toilet and he is in a hurry. In order to get Peet to the toilet, your reflexes and attention must be at their best. If you trust your reflexes or want to try it, a fun game is waiting for you.

"Peet Around" How to Play

When your character running in the circular area comes to the colored area, press the spacebar of your computer or the left button of your mouse. On touch devices, tap the screen. The area within the colored area, which is smaller and lighter than the color, allows you to collect bonus points and combos.

As time passes, the colored area will begin to decrease. Click on it before it disappears completely. The speed of the moving colored areas will complicate the game.

In addition to the 1v1 mode of the Peet Around game, you can try the game format with the endless mode, where you can continue until you make a mistake and get harder as long as you don't make a mistake.

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