Penguin Bounce

Description of "Penguin Bounce":

You have to throw the cute penguin as far as possible with a polar bear armed with a baseball bat. Fly fast, jump high, avoid clever obstacles in all locations!

How to play "Penguin Bounce" game:

With a polar bear armed with a baseball bat, you have to strike at the right time to throw the cute penguin as far as possible. You can hit the penguin without falling down, but if you hit it at the right time, you can throw it farther. Collect coins and diamonds to unlock new upgrades and weapons. As you collect coins and diamonds, you can buy new weapons to launch and buy speed, power, throwing effect and bounce for the penguin. When the penguin is in the air, when you click the right mouse button or on the screen on mobile devices, the penguin goes down. So you have a chance to go farther by hitting seals that will throw the penguin more on the ground. Also be careful not to hit the stones and rocks on the ground; because it will stop you.


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