Perfect Piano


Description of "Perfect Piano":

Have you ever wanted to master classical piano pieces, but didn't have time or patience to become a master piano player? Don't worry anymore, because here you need a finger to play the classics in our Perfect Piano game. In Perfect Piano, you need to touch the black tiles that match the rhythm of the song. Tap the tiles in the bottom third of the screen to get a maximum score. The purpose of each song is to reach all three stars. To do this, you need to ideally hit all the black tiles just before pressing the bottom of the screen. If you touch the center tiles or previous tiles, you will only get two or one star for each touch. This is a safer option, but it will not lead to a new high score. No risk, no fun. Right? Perfect Piano is a game that tests your skill and helps you relax with classical music and other well-known songs.

How to play "Perfect Piano" game:

Become a pianist and use the tiles in the beat of the music in this beautiful skill game! The closer you are to the bottom, the more points you get. Earn stars to unlock all 100 songs and collect the heart to get a second chance when you miss a stone. Are your fingers fast enough to get a high score?


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