Phase 10

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Explanation for "Phase 10"

Finish a Stage in the newest rummy-inspired game from the creators of UNO! It is a competition that has brought friends and families together for over 30 years. Compete to complete each "Tier" and stay ahead. Each stage has its own set of cards to collect. Once you have your sets, discard them for all to see and finish the remaining cards in your hand.

"Phase 10" How to Play

There will be sets requested from you. For example, when "Set of 3" is requested, you need to drag at least 3 cards of the same number onto the field. When "Run of 3" is said, you need to drag 3 cards in succession to the field. If a player completes the required sets and empties his hands, the game is over, he wins.

If your opponent's card doesn't work for you, draw a card from the table. You can also have special cards, one of which is the "Wild" card, you can use it as a joker. This card is like the okey stone in the okey game. The "Super Skip" card allows you to stop your opponent for 1 turn. So you play an extra hand. You can also buy these cards in the store.

Other players are ranked by the number of stages completed. Two players at the same stage are ranked according to their scores. The lower score wins.

That's how Phase 10 rules. We wish everyone a fun time.

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