Pirate Cards

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Explanation for "Pirate Cards"

In this rogue-like card game, you play as a brave pirate captain, exploring a remote island full of dangers and treasures. The rules are simple: You can move one step right, left, up or down until you run out of life points. To survive as long as possible, you need the right strategy and plan your moves ahead. Shoot balls, drink potions, collect shields and coins, and be careful when smashing a barrel as it can contain both beneficial and nasty surprises. Defeat bosses to upgrade your hero and open treasure chests by completing the mini game. Unlock new characters and buy boosters before each round, this can give you a decisive advantage!

"Pirate Cards" How to Play

You play as a brave pirate captain in this rogue-like card game and you need the right strategy to survive as long as possible!

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