Quick Capture

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Explanation for "Quick Capture"

Quick Capture game is an addictive land acquisition game that you can play online in real time. Capture villages, cities, and besiege the area to conquer regions on the map. Capture enemy lands and tax-paying villages and cities. Siege and celebrate your victory by moving up to the enemy castle to win the game.

Play Quick Capture and fight your enemy to achieve absolute victory.

"Quick Capture" How to Play

Exit your castle and click on it to own each part of the honeycomb-divided lands. You will start with 10 points. Your goal is to open more areas and find villages and cities that will tax you. Get as many lands as possible. Thus, your village and city exploration will be easier. Remember that you are on a map surrounded by the sea and surrounded by mountains and cliffs. This means you don't have to buy every land except villages and cities. When you surround a land area, all the remaining land in the interior becomes yours.

Villages and cities pay you taxes every 50 seconds. Finding hot air balloons is important. When you have a hot air balloon and choose an unexplored section of land, you can land there and continue expanding from there thanks to the balloon. In fact, it will be easier for you to defeat the enemy if it comes close to the enemy's castle.

The time remaining until the completion of the game is displayed in the upper area of the screen. At the same time, the colors and the ratio of the zones you and your enemy have won are shown. When the time runs out, the one with the most territory or the first to conquer the enemy's castle wins.

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