Rachel Holmes

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Explanation for "Rachel Holmes"

Online Difference Puzzle game is a game where you will have fun by finding the differences in the pictures with real opponents. Find the differences in the picture before your opponent. This is also a tournament game. The loser is eliminated from the tournament. Defeat all your opponents and win the trophy.

Play Difference Puzzle Online! Demonstrate attention and vision skills.

"Rachel Holmes" How to Play

Focus on the two pictures and find and mark the differences. Progress by defeating your opponents in the tournament and win the trophy.

You will earn gold and stars in every game. You can buy a differential lens to help you with your gold or a brush that paints non-difference areas. The most profitable one will be to buy from the shop for a hundred gold. Stars will allow you to skip levels and unlock different parts of the world.

New features will be introduced in the following sections. These new features are level ranking, gems transparently hidden in pictures, daily gem collection rank, and gifts.

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