Rail Slide

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Explanation for "Rail Slide"

Rail Slide is a game of pole running with a gymnast. There will be obstacles and pole pieces that you have to get rid of during the run. At the end of the run, your bat will slide off the sleds and your skills will determine the score you deserve.

"Rail Slide" How to Play

To start the run, hold down your left mouse button and guide the gymnast to the right and left.

Run with the pole in the gymnast's hand and have it run in the correct direction. Because during the run, there will be traps that will reduce the length of your pole and pole pieces that will increase the length of your pole. Run until you reach the final line and advance as far as you can using your pole, which has reached its final length ahead, as a sled. You will see that the sleds are opening up as you move forward. As a result, the longer you manage to keep your shallow, the further you will be able to progress.

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