Rakhi Block Collapse

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Explanation for "Rakhi Block Collapse"

Rakshabandhan is a festival celebrated in India and South Asia. In this festival, sisters of all ages attach a talisman or amulet called RAKHI to their brothers' wrists, symbolically protecting them. Try to collect the same pattern blocks representing siblings and remove them from the playing field.

"Rakhi Block Collapse" How to Play

Use mouse or touchpad to play this game.

Click on the same pattern blocks to combine them to destroy them from the playing field. If you destroy many of the same pattern blocks by combining them, you will gain various power-ups. These power-ups are power-ups such as destroying its surroundings, destroying an entire row or an entire column, and destroying all of the same patterns on the playing field. If you destroy a single block, you will lose 200 points.

If you destroy blocks to empty a column, the filled columns will merge.

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