Raymans Incrediballs Dodge

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Explanation for "Raymans Incrediballs Dodge"

Incrediballs, each more funny than the other, are struggling to survive in a dangerous game arena. Only one will survive in this crazy game. Raymans Incrediballs Dodge game is played on a wildly fictionalized action-packed arena. It is a great .IO game full of excitement, fun and challenge.

"Raymans Incrediballs Dodge" How to Play

You will have a limited playing field divided into squares. Each Incrediballs fits on a square, but there are power-ups and traps placed on the squares. By jumping left, right, up and down, you must avoid traps and access power-ups before your opponents. Swipe to jump directions on mobile devices, use WASD or ARROW from your computer.

That's not all! The game arena will continue to collapse starting from the edges. You have three lives to survive in the shrinking arena full of different traps and opponents. Don't worry, when your health is low, you can make up for it by taking the lives in the game arena. But this game is pretty crazy! You need to keep your eyes peeled in order not to run out of all your souls in a short time.

sticky balls,
electric balls,
Thorny dwarf plants.

Sticky balls, electric balls and fireballs pose great danger by moving from left to right, right to left, top-down and bottom-up in all directions.

Stones and potholes occupy squares on the playing field and restrict your range of motion. If you fall into a pit or fall from the arena, you will lose one life.

The vines catch you and try to trap you. The thorny plants cost one life.

Fog, on the other hand, appears at certain times and covers the screen from the edges, narrowing your field of view, making it harder for you to avoid traps.


With gloves, you can gain a movement advantage by knocking out your opponents without gloves, as well as reducing their lives by pushing your opponents out of the playing field into pits or all other traps.

With the protection shield, you are protected from traps.

You can unlock more Incrediballs characters by collecting fireflies. You rescue fireflies trapped in the winged cage and collect multiple fireflies at once.

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