Real Football Challenge

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Explanation for "Real Football Challenge"

Play Real Football Challenge and get the ball to the nets by solving tactical puzzles that change and get harder with each level. To reach the goal, your players are waiting for tactics from you. It is a football tactical game that you can solve by cleverly passing between the players in your team to meet the collective nets according to the player formation of each level.

"Real Football Challenge" How to Play

The in-game instructions will show you how to play. Your goal is to score goals at every level. You have to make the right tactics and pass in order to score a goal in the game that gets harder at every level. Determine your tactic and make sure you throw the ball in the right direction to apply the tactic. When you get close enough to the goal, help your player with the ball find the right angle to beat the goalkeeper.

After the thirteenth level, you will be able to hit the ball with spin. You must have all the trophies by completing all sixteen levels.

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