Rebel Gamio

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Explanation for "Rebel Gamio"

Rebel Gamio game is a running race game that progresses at a very active pace. There are different obstacles on the running platform. You have to solve various locks and unlocking methods to overcome obstacles and open the way. At the same time, there are traps that your opponents can use for you.

It is a game with great 3D graphics.

"Rebel Gamio" How to Play

Use arrows or virtual joystick to move and interact with objects.

When you are ready, click the start button above your game character. Plan your direction of movement to quickly overcome moving and stationary obstacles on the platform. You must find the keys of the doors opened with the key before going to the door, and pay attention to the areas where you can fall down from the upper platform. Another feature that adds action to the game is dynamite. If your opponents are ahead of you, you can knock them back by detonating the dynamite. Your opponents can also use this opportunity for you, so you must pass quickly through the areas with dynamite.

Do not forget to collect the bones placed along the platform.

With Rebel Gamio , you will encounter a different platform in every game. To beat your opponents, you must not only be a good runner, but also have a good analytical ability.

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