Retro Space Blaster

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Explanation for "Retro Space Blaster"

Play the Retro Space Blaster game and join the adventure in space. You must use your skills to protect your space shuttle against UFOs and meteors in the darkness of space.

Retro Space Blaster game, which has two game modes: Classic and Mission, is among the most popular arcade games. Fight until you complete all missions in mission mode with your three lives, or try to reach the highest score in classic mode.

"Retro Space Blaster" How to Play

You can move by starting the engine of your space shuttle with the up arrow key. You can turn the barrel of your shuttle in any direction you want with the right and left arrow keys. You can neutralize UFOs and meteors with the space bar.

New space shuttles will be unlocked as you achieve success in classic mode and mission mode.

Space Shuttles;
Normy: Solid start. Perfect choice for the novice pilot.
Zoomy: Reach mission 3 to own it. Agile close range fighter. The barrel is on the engine side of the shuttle.
Tanky: Reach mission 8
Mini: Get 10,000 points in Classic mode.
Backy: Shoots only while moving. Is this a good thing?
Drilly: Destroy 30 UFOs
Multi: Complete 100 waves/missions in total.

UFO Attack: Destroy the enemy fleet.
Black Hole: The black hole will pull you in. Destroy the meteors before they enter the black hole.
Don't Hit the Cat: Hit everything except the kitten.
Blasters Disabled: Survive without shooting.

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