Sand Sort Puzzle

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Explanation for "Sand Sort Puzzle"

You will have a great time with Sand Sort Puzzle, which is among the fun intelligence games. In the game, you will try to pour the sands of the same colors into different glasses and to sort them. If you fill a glass with sand in the right colors, it will bloom in that glass. The game, which is quite challenging and enjoyable for intelligence skills, helps to develop cognitive skills. At the same time, you can make the right decisions for the solution of the puzzle by restarting every level you get stuck in the game. When you pass each level, you will collect coins and you will be able to buy glasses that will help in the game with your coins.

"Sand Sort Puzzle" How to Play

Transfer the colored sand mixed in the glasses to each other to collect them in the same glass. Click the glass you want to transfer, and then click the glass to transfer. If you make the right move, the colored sands will separate. When you collect all of a color in the same glass, a flower will appear in the glass and you will not be able to use that glass again.

If you wish, you can earn additional empty glasses by watching advertisements. This makes your job easier.
You can customize the game by buying new flowers and backgrounds from the market with the coins you collect.

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