Shopping Mall Tycoon


Description of "Shopping Mall Tycoon":

Open shops on this street and grow your business to become a mall tycoon. Improve your shop by adding different features and buy new plots to open various shops on top of it. As you level up, you will gain more customers and money. Manage your shops, multiply, finally become a mall tycoon.

How to play "Shopping Mall Tycoon" game:

Buy from the plots located on the street and build shops on it according to their prices. You will then have the opportunity to upgrade the features of these shops. More customers will visit you as the departments progress. Suggestions that will improve your business will be presented to you by the game.

As you increase your shops and their features, the number of customers you serve will increase. Happy customers will allow you to skip levels.

Not only customers will visit your shops. You should also protect your shopping center from thieves. Thieves will appear as thieves, you must be careful and interfere with them.

Play Shopping Mall Tycoon and discover other features of the game.


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