Shot Gems

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Explanation for "Shot Gems"

The aim of this game is to fill the empty spaces with stones. You have to fill each dot with 10 jewels. In some levels there will be an obstacle, so you have to avoid it or use it to fill the spots that are hidden from you. Beat as many levels as you can with 1000 jewels and fill more places.

"Shot Gems" How to Play

Tap the screen to shoot with gems. You have to fill the empty jewel fields on the screen. Fill each empty space with 10 jewels and the space will be colored. At the same time, there will be red areas where the jewel you are shooting should not touch. You have thirty burns. When you finish your thirty lives, you start over. Your shots will bounce off the wall and come back to you. That's why you should count your shots and not waste shots.

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