Silly Ways To Get Infected

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Explanation for "Silly Ways To Get Infected"

If you know the measures to be taken for the corona virus, you can use it to be successful in the game. You have to fulfill the given tasks to protect these sweet characters from the corona virus. The game, which is a little simple at the beginning, will get harder as you complete the missions successfully. I can say the most fun virus game. It deserved to be popular with cute characters and fun designed missions.

"Silly Ways To Get Infected" How to Play

You have to complete the tasks given to you to protect the cute and lovable characters from the corona. These tasks include hitting the corona to slow down the corona that chases your cute character, put on a mask to those who run around, help him not to touch his face, touch him to support your cute character who fights with the corona, soap his hands, turn bottles to help them use disinfectants.

You will see the duration bar above for each task. You have to complete the tasks without getting infected with the corona.

Also, as you successfully complete the missions, the game will get more difficult.

Use your mouse to play. Click and drag on touch screens.

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