Siren Apocalyptic

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Explanation for "Siren Apocalyptic"

Siren Apocalypse game is an island with strange creatures. It is about killing the creature approaching you on the map with your weapon when the sirens start to sound. You are an officer on a radiated island. As a member of a team that tries to identify and destroy different creatures, your task is to set up cameras in various parts of the island.

"Siren Apocalyptic" How to Play

Move with arrow keys or WASD keys. Use your mouse to shoot the gun and determine your direction. Use space to jump, C to crouch.

Look at your location on the map and try to reach the houses that are safe areas. When the game starts, open the chest in the house where it will direct you and learn your mission.

There are two kinds of creatures, one of which is a four-legged creature. Runs fast and is easy to kill. Confronting this creature is easier. However, it is not easy for you to kill a siren head creature. You have a chance to escape as it moves slower. The siren-head creature is human-like, but has two sirens in place of its head.

Reach the marked areas on the map by surviving and complete your mission.

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