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Explanation for "Slope"

Slope is an attention game where you have to control the soccer ball that is moving towards the goals on the endless platform and pass the ball through as many goals as possible. Control the ball despite the obstacles and stay on the platform as much as possible and try not to miss the castles. Do not lose control of the ball to reach the highest number by avoiding obstacles.

Play Slope and enjoy the fun soccer game with endless goals while strengthening your attention.

"Slope" How to Play

Proceed through an endless, long football field that progresses down steps. Watch carefully for obstacles, objects that accelerate and bounce the ball. There are different obstacles such as flag poles, lawn mowers, spirals, jumping trampolines, scorer figures, inclined platforms. Pay attention to the ball and the obstacles on the platform. Obstacles can help slow your speeding ball; however, it may also cause the ball to go off the platform.

Speed can be both an advantage and a disadvantage in the game of Slope. You get more points when you speed up; however, you will be more likely to hit the obstacles and get out of the platform.

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