Smarty Bubbles 2

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Explanation for "Smarty Bubbles 2"

Smarty Bubbles game of moving from top-rated HTML5 game with a new version of Smarty Bubbles 2'll love the game.

You must reach the star balloon at the end of the balloons by quickly bursting the balloons with at least 3 matches and finish the game by shooting at this star balloon.

We would like to say that a very successful version has been produced with beautiful effects and sounds. We are sure that you will have fun playing this beautiful game.

"Smarty Bubbles 2" How to Play

Another part of the popular and most successful bubble shooter Smarty Bubbles 2. Combine at least 3 bubbles of the same color and be quick to pop them all. You will see a star bubble at the end of some bubbles that you need to pop. If you wish, you can finish the game by aiming at the star balloon without popping all the balloons, or shoot the star balloon after popping all the balloons to get more points.

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