Solitaire Klondike

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Explanation for "Solitaire Klondike"

Welcome to Klondike Solitaire, a patience game played by millions of people all over the world. A classic single player game, Klondike Solitaire challenges your brain and patience.

The goal is simple: you need to create four decks of cards of the same color and in ascending order from Ace to King. Sounds easy, but takes some strategic thinking and forward planning.

How does Klondike Solitaire work?
Overall this is the normal Solitaire game you know and love. Let's check the general premise of the game.

1. You have a deck of 7 cards, which is the main table

2. At the beginning of the screen, there are 4 stacks of cards that are empty at the beginning. From Astan to King, this is where you should build your final stacks.

3. The stock pile contains all cards that are not placed on the table. You can take any of the cards from the stock pile and use them where appropriate.

You must now use all available cards to create a descending row and alternate colors in each of the seven piles that make up your main table. For example, if a red 10 is placed, a black 9 should follow, then a red 8, a black 7 and so on.

If you face an Ace, it must be placed on one of the 4 piles at the top of your main table. The Four Aces are the foundation of the stacks you need to build. Here you must stack cards of the same suit in ascending order. So a stack should for example start with the Ace of Hearts and end with the King of Hearts. The same goes for the other three stacks. But in order to do that, you must first find and place all these cards.

When you come across a card that will land in one of the four base piles, you can tap it and it will be automatically sent there. For example, if you see a 2 of Spades, you can tap it and you will land right above the Ace of Spades. It's very simple in theory, but it's a little tricky to reveal all the necessary cards.

Game controls
Now this is as easy as can be. Cards are dealt automatically. All you have to do is touch the cards you can use and they will automatically fly to the right spot. Similarly, tap the stock pile to open its cards.

Game variations
You can play the classic version of Klondike Solitaire or make it even more interesting by choosing Vegas Solitaire. This is basically the same game, but you play with (virtual only) coins and try to enter the snow field. You start with a few virtual dollars of debt and earn money each time you place a card in one of the four foundation piles. This gives Vegas Solitaire more excitement than the regular version.

You can select the Vegas Solitaire version by going to the options menu (small cog) and tapping on the Dollar sign.

While you're in the options menu, why not change the look and feel of Klondike Solitaire to your liking? You can change the front and back designs of the cards independently of each other. If you don't like the classic green Solitaire table, if you learned your Solitaire skills on the streets of your hometown, why not choose a red or concrete floor?

"Solitaire Klondike" How to Play

Enjoy this classic and elegant version of Solitaire, one of the most popular card games in the world! The goal is to arrange all the cards on the four piles in ascending order from king to king. Play in three different modes: normal, Vegas or daily challenge and choose your preferred difficulty with Draw1 or Draw3 cards. Customize the position of your deck and choose from a wide variety of beautiful card sets and backgrounds. Hours of fun guaranteed!

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