Spider Solitaire

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Explanation for "Spider Solitaire"

Spider Solitaire, the classic card game! You have to clear all the cards from the field by changing the places of the cards according to the game rules. There are three difficulty levels.

"Spider Solitaire" How to Play

The object of the game is to arrange all the cards in order from King to Ace. On the field, cards can only be lined up in descending order of colors.

There are three difficulty levels in this classic Solitaire game. The difficulty level changes according to the colors of the cards.

Swapping the cards: You can swap the cards one by one or multiple cards in the top row. You cannot move all blocks that are not lined up in order. At medium and hard levels, you can place cards of different colors on top of them; but no sequential block has been created.
Clearing cards from the field: Each block you complete from King to ACE will be cleared from the playing field.
Adding cards to the playing field: When there are no suitable cards to move, you must add cards to the playing field, provided that there are cards in all ten blocks on the playing field.

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