Square Bird

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Explanation for "Square Bird"

Square Bird is a side scrolling 2D platform game. The bird will build square egg tower to avoid danger every time you click. Cross obstacles thanks to the built eggs and make perfect transitions to activate the fire mode. Simple and fun game!

"Square Bird" How to Play

As the bird progresses, it must build enough eggs to overcome the obstacles it encounters. If you hit these obstacles or bring the bird into contact with harmful obstacles, the game is over. That's not all, this bird can also shoot; but you have to make 3 perfect passes. So if you take a risk while overcoming obstacles and build only as many eggs as necessary, this is considered a perfect pass and you will see it appear on the screen. If you make 3 perfect passes like this, the bird will start shooting and hit the obstacles in front of it. Get in fire mode as often as possible to earn more points.

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