Squid Game 123 Stop

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Explanation for "Squid Game"

Do you like to play the grand escape survival game? Squid Game is better and more exciting. Be sneaky and try to reach the red finish line before other players appear at the red light!

"Squid Game" How to Play

Hold to move, release to stop.

Squid Game is a survival game in which 456 people participate. You have to reach the red line in one minute without being caught by the red light. If you move slowly, you will be hit because the time is up. If you try to go fast, you may be caught in the red light. You must be extremely careful.

When "Go Ahead" is written on the screen, the midwife girl in the tree sings with her back turned. You have to move forward with the back of the girl who is the midwife. When "Stop" is written on the screen, you must stop and not move; because the girl who is a midwife can catch you moving. You can follow the red line in the area that says "Go Ahead" when the red light will turn on.

The remaining time and the number of people are written on the screen. Can you survive the Squid Game before the time runs out and you get caught red light?

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