SS Euro Cup 2021

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Explanation for "SS Euro Cup 2021"

The European Cup 2021 game is the best HTML5 football game fully simulated in 3D. It includes realistic throw-ins, corner kicks, fouls and penalties where you will experience the excitement of 11v11 football matches.

Choose your team and fight to make your team champion in the European Cup.

"SS Euro Cup 2021" How to Play

Play the masterfully crafted European Cup 2021!

Tap/click and drag the screen to guide your player and then release to throw the ball.

Your player who has the ball or closest to the ball while the ball is in the opponent's position will be marked. Click/tap on the screen and steer to steer your marked football player. To pass, stretch the line towards the player you want to pass and release the click/tap. To shoot on goal, extend the line up to the goal.

In the qualifiers, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final matches, the dose of the game will increase and your opponent's skills will increase as you get closer to the final. You must surprise your opponent with quick moves and press to block your opponent's attacks.

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