Super Chicken Fly

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Explanation for "Super Chicken Fly"

Use your stick to help your chicken, who loves to fly, fly through the entire farm. Throw the chicken and get help from the farm animals to regain speed before it hits the ground. Also watch out for dangerous areas inside the farm. A fun chicken throwing game.

"Super Chicken Fly" How to Play

Use the mouse or tap the screen on mobile devices to throw the chicken as far as possible.

Throw your chicken and try to land on the farm animals by doing a kamikaze dive. Thus, gain speed and continue flying from where you left off. Guide your chicken at the right time to move forward without hitting dangerous objects.

Collect coins after each chicken-throwing game and spend them to increase your kick power, flying speed, lift rate and resistance. Keep up the upgrades to fly to the extreme.

Play Super Chicken Fly game and make long flights using upgrades for more fun.

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