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Explanation for "Tanks PVP Showdown"

Target and destroy your opponent's tank with Tanks PVP Showdown , a real-time PvP game. Choose from cannons with different features that you can use in your tank, or attack your opponent with the support of the air force team. Make improvements by unlocking new tanks. Depress your opponent with emojis.

"Tanks PVP Showdown" How to Play

When it's your turn to shoot, adjust your shooting angle by placing your tank in a good position. Choose from balls of different characteristics and shoot when you're ready. There are some things you need to be careful while shooting. The first of these; make good use of your time to shoot. Adjusting your shooting angle with your tank is not that easy. Hurry to shoot at the right position and at the right angle. Another thing you should pay attention to is; It is the fuel you will use while moving your tank. The fuel consumption is shown just below the area showing your health on the screen. Determine your position before this indicator goes blank.

Also, do not forget to take the help boxes that will come with parachutes during the game. The relief chests have a time limit and will disappear if you are late.

Unlock new tanks with the gold you collect. The primary armament of the new tanks varies. So the tank you unlock will have more effective weapons. With it, you can improve health, mobility, and firepower.

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