Tap Tap Dunk

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Explanation for "Tap Tap Dunk"

Tap your way through the playfield in Tap Tap Dunk!

Make the ball hop as you tap to dunk as many times as possible and increase your combo by doing so. But try to avoid the backboard, since touching it will break your combo. Once you get an 8x Multiplier, your Ball starts burning and you get even more points! But keep in mind, that the more you dunk, the higher the difficulty gets.

So beat the timer, and get as much Score as possible!

"Tap Tap Dunk" How to Play

Tap the screen to bounce the ball and try to keep the ball at the height and angle to pass it through the basket. As long as you get the ball through the basket before the time runs out, your combos will increase. Note that your combos will reset if your time runs out. Prove your prowess in an increasingly difficult game to make the highest combo.

Tap Tap Dunk basketball shooting game is a simple and fun game. It is a popular basketball game for basketball lovers.

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