The Mergest Kingdom

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Explanation for "The Mergest Kingdom"

Mergest Kingdom game, assemble hundreds of objects, gather and harvest resources, design your own island by making it look the way you want, in a land full of challenging missions! Find the best ways to match and combine various parts to erect the biggest buildings and grow the most productive plants! Help rebuild the Mergest Kingdom and transform it into the most magical kingdom in the Seventh Realm!

"The Mergest Kingdom" How to Play

Play Mergest Kingdom and combine various objects, food and jewels to grow the kingdom.

Combine three pieces of wood to build your kingdom's barracks by combining small huts, soldiers' lodges, large cottages, wooden castles and more. As you expand the territory of your kingdom, you will acquire materials such as stone, metal, bamboo and crystal. You will have workers to do such power and energy demanding work.

Collect food seeds and combine them to turn them into fields and gardens where you can harvest crops at certain times.

Combine precious metal powders and turn them into money.

Gather soldiers and combine them to strengthen them. Explore new lands with your soldiers as you level up.

A successful game with many more features and enjoyable details.

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