The Shape

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Explanation for "The Shape"

"The Shape" is a fun puzzle game full of geometric shapes. It is a great game that combines geometric shapes and mathematics. It allows players to improve their mental skills with its levels, each with a different difficulty level. Despite the simple visual structure of the game, the deep creativity and strategic thinking requirements force The Shape to make you an enjoyable and entertaining experience. With each level you encounter new shapes, new intuitive challenges and new cute sound shapes. It requires good strategy and a great visual mind.

"The Shape" How to Play

When you put the given geometric shapes on top of each other, apply mathematical addition and subtraction to the shapes. The intersections of the shapes placed on top of each other represent the subtraction process, and the areas outside the intersection represent the addition process. As a result of these shapes and mathematical operations, a new geometric shape will emerge. Find the resulting new geometric shape among the options and mark it. How many transactions can you make like this before time runs out?

The game is generally based on a point system. The faster and more accurately you complete the levels, the higher score you will get.

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