The Smurfs Cooking

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Explanation for "The Smurfs Cooking"

Play Smurfs Cooking game and as Smurf Chef's assistant prepare various meals, snacks and drinks for the smurfs in the smurfs village. Money does not pass in the village of Smurfs. Gather fruit and candies in exchange for the foods and drinks you prepare. Unlock new features to improve the Cute Chef's kitchen. Gargamel will want to harm the smurfs by enchanting your utensils. Be careful with Papa Smurf Gargamel's spells until he prepares potions for you.

Bake cakes, pancakes and donuts. Decorate your muffins, cakes and cookies with cream and jam, but also serve tea, fruit puree and more. Smurfs love to eat, so they will be very happy if they get their food quickly. Let's see how many smurfs you can feed quickly.

"The Smurfs Cooking" How to Play

Tap or click on kitchen tools and ingredients to prepare meals.

Cook the right snacks and decorate as fast as you can for the Smurfs who visit your booth to complete the missions of each level and get the orders ready on time. Beware of Gargamel's spells. Complete levels to unlock new features. Visit the market in the game to improve your kitchen. Don't forget to develop the chief assistant at the same time.

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