The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup

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Explanation for "The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup"

In the Smurfs Ocean Cleanup game, the villain Gargamel is polluting the Smurfs island. Help the smurfs to clean up the area around the island. Give him strength as he picks up his fishing rod and throws a smurf out to the ocean. The waste you collect will return to you as points and you will be able to buy more features with your points. There are also hidden treasures and explosives at the bottom of the ocean. Point your fishing rod and decide which ones to take.

"The Smurfs Ocean Cleanup" How to Play

Try to stop the arrow moving between red and green colors in the middle, that is, in the green area, to make the fishing rod flow strong. After throwing the fishing rod into the ocean, steer it to pick up the surrounding waste and treasures. You will get different points for each waste. Try to reach the highest score in one go. Therefore, the deeper you can send the fishing line, the more garbage you have the chance to collect.

You can buy longer line, power and stickers with your points.

Playing Smurfs Ocean Cleanup is pretty fun.

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