Traffic Jam 3D

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Explanation for "Traffic Jam 3D"

Traffic Jam 3D game is a game for those looking for fun and excitement. With the wonderful 3D experience, you will experience real excitement as you drive wildly in traffic. You can make this crazy driving experience even more exciting with different game modes and upgrades. Now fasten your seat belt and speed crazy in highway, desert and city concepts.

"Traffic Jam 3D" How to Play

Manage your car with WASD or Arrow keys.

Driving Modes
Career: It aims to reach the destination within a certain time. There are 80 chapters in this mod. You must show sufficient performance to complete each level.
Endless: You can experience the game as long as you don't crash.
Against Time: It aims to go the farthest distance by speeding as much as possible within a certain time.
Free: Offers a free ride experience until you end the game. Your performance will not be evaluated and you cannot collect points or money.

You get points and wins over distance, high speed, overtaking, reverse direction, mission completion. You can increase your speed by purchasing nitro. You can set the road as single lane and double lane before the game starts.

With the money you have accumulated, you can upgrade your vehicle's features or buy a new vehicle.

Traffic Jam 3D is not mobile friendly. Please play the game from your computer.

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